Order & Payment

How can I pay for my order?

Cherry Hill accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards as well as debit cards bearing the MasterCard or Visa logo.

How does credit card payment work?

If you select credit card payment, we authorize your card for orders placed within 48 hours of delivery. On the day of delivery, your credit card will be charged, and you'll receive an e-mail confirming your final order total. We'll include a full, itemized receipt with your order.

I need to cancel my order I placed for later in the week. Will I be charged?

No. We don't charge you for an order until the day of delivery; however, for orders placed within 48 hours of delivery, we do authorize your credit card. That amount will be automatically released if your order is not processed within 3 business days, although release times may vary based on your banking institution's policies.

I see a $1 authorization charge from CherryHill on my credit card/bank account. What is that?

When you authorize credit card payment for a new card, CherryHill will execute a $1 authorization or temporary charge on your credit card to verify that your account is valid and that the information you provide to CherryHill is correct.

Why are some prices estimated?

Every apple, every steak, every cheese varies a little in size and weight. While you shop, we show an estimated weight and price for everything priced by the pound. On the day of delivery, we assemble your order and weigh each item to determine its final price. Please note that until you complete checkout, the unit price of any product on the site and in your cart may change to reflect current market conditions. When you complete checkout, your price per pound is locked in. We guarantee that you'll always pay the true price for the actual weight of your products.

Why does my credit card charge not match my invoice?

There are a few reasons your credit card may not match your invoice: When we authorize your credit card before delivery, if your order contains an item that is sold by weight, we require authorization for up to 125% of the estimated cost. In addition, we authorize for 100% of the remaining items in your order. Therefore, your cart will reflect the item estimates while your credit card will reflect the additional authorization amount for those weighable items. The final price of these items is determined at the time your order is assembled. If you modify and add to your order after the initial authorization, we will obtain another authorization for up to 125% of the additional value, as explained above.